Health and Wellbeing in Fife

Good physical and emotional health are essential elements in the overall wellbeing of children and young people. In Fife we have a range of supports aimed at ensuring these health needs are met. You’ll find all the relevant information in the section, including local policy frameworks and practice guidance.

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Our Minds Matter Framework

Children and young people need support if they experience emotional difficulties. Our Minds Matters recognises that support comes from the broad pastoral care around them. Families, friends and professionals all provide support. They do it in different ways, but all have a role to play in the emotional health and wellbeing of young people. Out Minds Matters is for anyone who supports children and young people or their families.

The Framework encourages integration and sharing of approaches, and clarifies:

•  who is involved in support
•  what support looks like at different levels

Download: Our Minds Matter Framework


Useful websites

Hands on Scotland

The Hands On Scotland website provides information and advice for professional and adults who support children and young people.

Hands on Scotland

Moodcafe Fife

The Moodcafe provides information for individuals and families on common psychological problems, including self help guides and recommended websites.