Return to School

Fife Council Educational Psychology Service is available to offer advice and support about a supported return to school. Please see below a range of guidance documents and leaflets that have been written for School staff. We have also produced some helpful leaflets for parents/carers, children and young people about returning to school.

Please find a number of resources that help support teachers and pupils:

Using a trauma-informed approach to support the return to school: Guidance for staff

This guidance has been written using trauma-informed principles to support the planning for all pupils, including those who may require an additional level of support, with the return to school.



Back to School Questionnaire

This exemplar pupil questionnaire has been designed to assist school staff’s identification of pupils who may require additional levels of support both in advance of and upon return to school. It is hoped that this will support planning on an individual and whole school level. The questionnaire can be adapted to individual school contexts.


Advice for Schools and Nurseries – Return to School

This resource is for all school staff involved in supporting pupils to make a positive return to school after Covid-19. It provides advice and ideas to consider before and after pupils return to school as well as signposting useful resources.


Advice for Staff – Transition to Secondary School 

This leaflet is for school staff working in upper primary and secondary school. It aims to help staff think about how to manage virtual transitions for children starting secondary school. It contains practical ideas for staff to consider when planning and putting together their P7-S1 transition package.



Advice for Parents and Carers – Support a Positive Return to School

This resource is designed for parents and carers to help them to support the emotional wellbeing of children and encourage a positive return to education after Covid-19. It provides advice and ideas to consider before and after pupils return to school.




Advice for Young People, Parents and Carers – Upper P7-S1 Transition to Secondary School

This leaflet is written for both young people and their parents or carers. It explains about common worries young people may have about starting secondary school and provides some information aimed at easing those concerns. It also gives young people and parents/carers practical suggestions for things they can do at home to help prepare for the transition to secondary.

Further information and support resources specifically tailored for parents/carers, children and young people can be found on our Fife Council website: