Anxiety, resilience & coaching

Anxiety is Normal – learn how to control it. School Resource Pack

This resource is designed for school staff who are supporting children and young people who are experiencing anxiety. It explains what anxiety is, how to assess it and offers a range of practical strategies and resources.  pdf – Word Version – PowerPoint version

Managing Anxiety during COVID-19

This guide has been written to help develop an understanding of why we feel anxious, how we can recognise this in ourselves and how we can use this to support children and young people, particularly during the pandemic. It contains many practical strategies as well as a list of useful websites.

School-Based Resilience Assessment Tool

This resource uses the six domains of resilience to support school staff in assessing pupil’s development of resilience factors within a school. The resource also provides practical strategies to promote these factors, which can be used to inform pupil planning.

Pupil Resilience Assessment Tool

This resource complements the school-based resilience assessment tool and offers a framework for gathering pupil voice in relation to the six domains of resilience. This will enable pupils to contribute to their own support plans.

Coaching Conversations Pack

This pack is designed as an introduction to the practice of coaching conversations between adults and the children and young people they work with and know well. It provides a brief evidence base for this practice and some practical guidelines.

PACE School Leaflet

Drawing on the work of Dan Hughes, this leaflet aims to introduce school staff to ‘PACE’ – a trauma-informed approach to supporting children and young people. The leaflet outlines the four central components of Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy, and provides examples and scripts to support practice.

Window of Tolerance Poster

‘Window of tolerance’ is a term coined by Dan Siegel. It is used to understand our optimal zone of feeling open and engaged.  The poster provides a way for adults to support pupils identify how they might be feeling (just right, hyper-aroused, hypo-aroused) and what factors can shrink this window such as stress, as well as factors which can enlarge the window such as coaching support.

Further information and support resources specifically tailored for parents/carers, children and young people can be found on our Fife Council website: