Fife Council Educational Psychology service is available to offer advice and support for children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Please see below a number of resources that may be helpful to support young individuals within your school.

Effective intervention packthis is a resource pack produced by FCEPS which takes account of the most recent research into effective interventions for pupils with ASD. It provides school staff with a framework for assessment, planning and intervention, which allows approaches to be tailored to individual needs.

Relationships and Sexual Health guidancethis is a document produced by FCEPS which provides guidance to support education staff to deliver well-timed and high-quality Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenting (RSHP) education to children and young people with ASD. It also provides advice on appropriate responses when difficulties and concerns about potentially harmful sexual behaviours arise.

Link to Third Space – Supporting Autistic Learners Returning to School – Guidance to aid the transition from National Autism Implementation Team (NAIT) : A link to materials and guidance for professionals supporting learner’s with ASD following Covid-19, school closures and lockdown. They are designed to guide planning, highlight good practice, and reassure families about the return to school.