Emotional health & wellbeing

Good physical and emotional health are essential elements in the overall well-being of children and young people. In Fife we have a range of supports aimed at ensuring these health needs are met. You’ll find all the relevant information in this section.

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Children and young people need support if they experience emotional difficulties. Our Minds Matters recognises that support comes from the broad pastoral care around them. Families, friends and professionals all provide support. They do it in different ways, but all have a role to play in the emotional health and wellbeing of young people. Out Minds Matters is for anyone who supports children and young people or their families.

The Framework encourages integration and sharing of approaches and clarifies:

*     who is involved in support
*     what support looks like at different levels

Our Minds Matter Framework

This guidance aims to support partnership working with children, young people, parents, carers and professionals to share information and organise support to reduce the risk of suicide and self-harm. It aims to provide all professionals with a shared framework for understanding, identifying, assessing and helping young people at risk of self-harm or suicide.

OMM – Understanding and Responding to Children and Young People at risk of self harm and suicide

The Traumatic Incidents Guidance is designed to support schools and their partners to effectively manage traumatic events. It is divided into three main sections:

  • Preparation and planning in case of a traumatic incident
  • What to do in the event of a traumatic incident
  • Medium and longer-term supports after a traumatic incident

It includes a number of appendices with exemplar communications, additional information and further sources of support.

E&CS Directorate Traumatic Incidents Guidance

There is a separate note to relate the guidance to the context of Covid 19 as a potential source of trauma.  Covid19 Pandemic as a Traumatic Incident

The De-Escalation Professional Development Pack is to support schools and other organisations to establish effective practices and approaches in positive behaviour management and to manage extremely distressed/at risk behaviour in a practical effective and safe manner in any specific context.
For more publications on pupil relationships and behaviour please click here

Our Minds Matter has funded ‘Be That Person’, a short film which celebrates positive experiences of young people in Fife and promotes the 5 ways approach to wellbeing. The film was developed in collaboration with young people, community youth groups, staff from across the directorate and staff from 3rd sector agencies.

Young people in the film share their positive experiences of connecting, learning, taking notice, being active and giving and explain how this has helped develop their resilience. Alongside these personal stories you will see some innovative examples of groups and programmes from across Fife which support emotional ,wellbeing. These stories of hope aim to encourage and inspire everyone of us to Be ‘That Person’

A two part workshop programme has been developed to support practitioners to consider the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma on young people and families that they work with, reflect on and develop their practice, using the five ways.  Each workshop is designed to last approximately two hours.

If you wish to access the film or guided workshops please complete this form.

In Fife, we recognise the emotional wellbeing of our young people matters. Emotional health is as important as general physical health and wellbeing.

This booklet has been developed to share features of effective practice, demonstrating how the Supporting Learners Services supports young people’s education, health and wellbeing. The range of stories shared demonstrates how practitioners incorporate the principles and aims of the service through interventions with pupils, families, schools and partners to reach the best possible outcomes. It highlights that every practitioner can ‘Be That Person’ as part of the team around the child.

Supporting Learners Service ‘Be That Person’ Booklet

Hands on Scotland

The Hands On Scotland website provides information and advice for professionals and adults who support children and young people.

Moodcafe Fife

The Moodcafe provides information for individuals and families on common psychological problems, including self help guides and recommended websites.