Corporate parenting

Sometimes, a child or young person who is in statutory care might need a Corporate Parent.

A Corporate Parent is usually an organisation, but can be an individual. The Corporate Parent has special responsibilities to look after children or young people.

Corporate Parents should listen to the needs, fears and wishes of young people. And they should be proactive and determined to meet those needs.

We sometimes use the term ‘looked after’ to describe these children.  They might live in:

Fife Council is committed to working with partner organisations. Together they will achieve the best possible outcomes to:

Part 9 of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014, states:

‘Corporate Parenting is about certain organisations listening to the needs, fears and wishes of children and young people.  As well as being proactive and determined in their collective efforts to meet them’.

The Act defines who Corporate Parents are and outlines their six legal responsibilities.

For more information about the Act, visit Scottish Government