GIR practice development

Fife’s Multi-Agency Practice Development Programme

The Programme is aimed at helping develop our shared understanding of our single and multi-agency processes, such as the Child Wellbeing Pathway. It focusses on how we can promote earlier and more effective support through our partnership working in Fife.

The Practice Development Session are targeted at staff in the named person or lead professional roles, and colleagues who play a key role in the planning and co-ordination of multi-agency supports for children and young people.

The model has been developed in response to local feedback which highlights that professionals from across Children’s Services value the chance to take part in active and on-going multi-agency training, using case examples to stimulate discussion and support the development of their practice.

Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model provides the basis for our approach to professional learning and staff are encouraged to test and reflect any learning following each GIR session.

Programme Aims:

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