Working with families

All parents and carers have a right to help, advice and support when they need it. The National Parenting Strategy sets out an agreed approach for agencies working with families. In Fife, we understand why this support is important and have developed a suite of documents which provide local guidance and set out the aims and principles of this work.

Fife Parenting and Family Support Strategy

This strategy has been in place since 2013. It was recently updated to take account of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 and changes in local structures and policies.  The Strategy outlines Fife’s approach to supporting families and provides a framework for evaluation, which will be used to track progress against its main aim: to improve the wellbeing of children and families.

Download Fife parenting and family support strategy

Fife Family Learning Practice Framework

Family Learning is the generally accepted term for the range of activities and learning opportunities offered to families. Family Learning programmes offer families a chance to learn together and support intergenerational activities. Programmes focus on education and employment opportunities that are available and tailoring support to meet the family’s needs. Family Learning can increase confidence and encourage positive attitudes to learning.

Fife Parental Involvement Strategy

In Fife, we recognise that the most effective way to support children and young people is for schools and families to work together. The Fife Parental Involvement Strategy aims to increase engagement between home, school and community. It highlights good practice and offers guidance to strengthen relationships. The Strategy was developed in consultation with parents, schools and Parent Councils which has helped to inform the final document.

Download Fife parental involvement strategy