Evidenced based approaches

In Fife, we have adopted a range of evidence based programmes for families. These programmes provide support by promoting positive attachment relationships and helping parents and carers to develop their parenting skills. You can find more information about evidence based approaches in the Fife’s Family and Parenting Support Strategy.

Evidence based programmes:

Bookbug provide free book bags and run free story, song and rhymes sessions to help:

  • Give children a head start in life
  • Boost the child’s confidence
  • Encourage children to draw and write
  • Give time to cuddle and help parent/child bond
  • Develop children’s language skills
  • Help parent and child feel more relaxed

For information contact: clark.graham@fife.gov.uk

The PEEP Learning Together Programme offers an effective way of helping:

  • Parents/carers improve their children’s life chances, by listening, talking, playing, singing and sharing books with babies and children to become confident communicators, active learners and school ready
  • To enhance and develop work with parents and young children, through accredited training and resources to deliver the evidence-based programme
  • Parents/carers realise and act on their own learning potential, recognise and build on their achievements

For Information contact: Rachel.Marshall@fife.gov.uk

The Solihull Approach aims to increase emotional health and well-being, through workforce resources and training:

  • Workforce development: increases skills, knowledge, consistency and shared language
  • Used for early intervention and prevention in the early years
  • Used by the whole team e.g. children’s centre/school (receptionists to teachers)
  • Provides parenting programmes from conception through to adolescence
  • Increases accessibility of parenting programmes through online courses. Emphasis on including fathers
  • Provides theoretical framework for working with emotional and behavioural difficulties

For Information contact: clark.graham@fife.gov.uk

The Mellow Parenting Programmes are based on the psychological theories of attachment, social learning and cognitive behavioural therapy. The groups focus on improving parent-child relationships, for both male or female caregivers, from the antenatal period up to age five.

For Information contact: elaine.cassell@fife.gov.uk

The Incredible Years® Series is a set of interlocking, comprehensive, and developmentally based programs targeting parents, teachers and children. Programmes are designed to work jointly to promote emotional, social, and academic competence and prevent/reduce and treat behavioural / emotional problems.

For Information (0-5 years) contact: elaine.cassell@fife.gov.uk

For information (5-12 years) Contact jane.paterson-ics@fife.gov.uk

The 7 Habits of Successful Families is an engaging, family-strengthening programme.

Participants on the programme:

  • Apply an “Inside-Out Approach” to problem solving and goal creation
  • Resolve differences in marriage and family relationships by creatively cooperating together
  • Establish a better work/life balance
  • Become more effective in raising emotionally healthy and empowered children
  • Employ the skills of “Emphatic Listening and Synergy”
  • Learn to discipline and motivate children effectively

For information contact: Vicky.Wilson@fife.gov.uk

Seasons for Growth is a loss and grief peer group education programme to support young people aged 6-18 years and adults who are affected by change, loss and grief.

For information contact: jane.paterson-ics@fife.gov.uk

Family Support Service Team offer home based support to families and encourage participation in local groups. The Parenting Support Service can offer home based support for families with more complex needs.

For information contact:

jane.paterson-ics@fife.gov.uk – West Fife Area
Marnie.Batchelor@fife.gov.uk – East Fife Area
elaine.cassell@fife.gov.uk – Central Fife Area

CEDAR+ (children experiencing domestic abuse recovery) is a therapeutic programme for children (0-16 years) and their mothers to recover from their shared experience of domestic abuse. There is a focus on helping mothers understand domestic abuse through their children’s eyes and to support them to help their own child’s recovery. There is a focus on attachment and the mother /child relationship, helping children to express their feelings and to understand they are not to blame.

Families need to be in a safe place where they are able to talk about their experiences, mothers and children are both encouraged to attend group (concurrent for 4+ years)

For information contact:

Email:  Cedar.Project@fife.gov.uk

Tel: 01592 583676

trusted people handout primary

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Safety plan Primary

Domestic Abuse flyer for online final


Primary resource https://sway.office.com/mAUwnaXwc8DLuyaL?ref=Link

Secondary reource https://sway.office.com/koKKMKw8ocfjQTtJ?ref=Link