Financial support

Money advice and financial planning are an essential part of support to families.

National reform to the welfare system has meant many families will experience changes to their benefits. The new Universal Credit changes the way people receive their money. The introduction of benefit sanctions for claimants failing to meet the conditions of the Universal Credit Scheme, will result in payments being stopped for a period of time.  This will have an impact on family finances.

Fairer Fife

The Fairer Fife Commission was set up in 2014 to explore the impact of poverty in Fife and make recommendations on the best way to support people experiencing poverty. You can learn about the commission and how Fife intends to tackle poverty and inequality in their Fairness Matters Report.

For more information on the supports available locally visit: Benefits and Money Advice


Citizens Advice & Rights Fife work with families offering support and advice on welfare reform and personal debt.

For more information visit the CARF website.