Children’s Services Plan

Children’s Services Plan 2017-2020

Fife Children’s Service Plan 2017-20 is part of Fife’s Community Plan. It was written by Fife Community Planning Partnership.
Part 3 of The Children & Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 places new duties on public bodies. It provides specific guidance on:
  • Community Planning and forming a Community Planning Partnership (CPP)
  • Consultation with children, young people and their families
  • Consultation with key stakeholders across the CPP area
The CPP carried out extensive stakeholder consultation to produce the Fife Children’s Service Plan 2017-20. This specifically focused on the views of children and young people.
The Plan maps out 16 priority areas the local CPP will focus on over the next three years. It also details how the partnership will track its progress against each one.
Several of the Plan’s outcomes tie back to Fife’s Community Plan. In particular:
  • improving early years development of children in Fife
  • raising educational attainment and reducing educational inequality
  • improving the health of Fifers and narrowing the health inequality gap
  • making Fife’s communities safer

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Plan Ownership

The Children in Fife Group is responsible for the Children’s Services Plan.
The Children in Fife Group is a partnership made up of representatives from:
  • Fife Council,
  • the Voluntary Sector,
  • Police Scotland,
  • Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration, and
  • NHS Fife

All work carried out by the Children in Fife Group follows the Care Inspectorate Children’s Services Framework. The framework seeks to:

  • improve outcomes for all children and young people
  • provide assurance about the quality of services for children (particularly vulnerable children and young people)
  • help to improve services and build capacity

By following the framework the group can ensure quality and consistency.