Getting it right in Fife

Fife have developed a range of GIRFEC related policies and guidance documents to support professionals working with children, young people and their families.

Getting it Right in Fife Framework (GIRIFF)

The Getting it Right in Fife Framework (GIRIFF) provides overarching guidance for professionals in Fife. It contains Fife’s Framework for Intervention and sets out the core principles we should all be working to.

Download GIRIFF - pending link

The Child Wellbeing Pathway (CWP)

The Child Wellbeing Pathway supports practitioners to work in partnership with children, their families, and other services responding to wellbeing needs and concerns. It promotes an early intervention approach with the involvement of children young people and families.

Download CWP

Child-wellbeing Flowchart

Lead Professional Dispute Flowchart

Single & Multi Agency Child Chronology: Good Practice Guidance

The guidance outlines the importance of chronologies and supports professionals to identify significant events in a child’s life. The value of a chronology lies in its use as a tool for understanding the impact key information relating to a child or young person’s wellbeing.

Download Single & Multi Agency Chronology: Good Practice Guidance

Fife Child’s Plan: Guidance for Practitioners

The Fife Child’s Plan builds on existing good practice across children’s services in Fife and complements current single agency planning processes. The aim is to ensure that children, young people and their families experience person centred, shared planning and review processes which meet their needs and secure more positive outcomes.

Download the Fife Child Plan: Guidance for Practitioners